B-Braun surgical scalpel size: 20 (100pcs/box)

B-Braun surgical scalpel size: 20 (100pcs/box)

B Braun

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Disposable, aseptic, stainless scalpel. Its size: 20. Because of its size it's able to remove the callus from the feet. The size is still smaller than regular pedicure knives. You can use to this scalpel the scalpel handle (size: 4).

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This stainless, aseptic scalpel granted by its size is able to remove the calluse from smaller gaps. The blade is thin, flexible and sharp. You will prefer it because the one by one packaged scalpels are sharp and aseptic. Be practical and think ahead! Other benefits are the following: it's cheaper to buy a surgical blade than sharpening other pedicure tools. Save money and time with B-Braun scalpel! It's important to follow safety rules: stretching the skin, support your hand and the almost parallel way while operating with the knife.